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History of Yuzen-Zome
You can really enjoy yourself here in Kodai Yuzen-en touching the heart of traditional beauty of Yuzen-Zome. Yuzen-Zome, a magnificent work of dyeing art with marvelous colors and patterns spread over Kimono, the Japanese national costume, is no doubt one of the best traditional arts Japan is proud of.
Yuzen-Zome was established about 330 years ago (in Edo-era), named after the founder, Yuzen-sai Miyazaki. Yuzen-sai, first established himself as a famous painter of the pictures for beautiful Japanese fans, and the admirers praised his works. One day he was encouraged by a Kimono Tailor to expand his skill to paint beautiful pictures on Kimono and, after a tremendous effort, he established his unique style of hand-painting the figures on Kimono, and soon his art became very popular all over in Japan.
Later about a century ago in Meiji-era, the early stage of modernization of Japan, Jisuke Hirose borne in Kyoto developed the new techniques to print Yuzen-Zome using paper patterns and chemical dye which enabled yuzen-Zome much more popular among the people.